第10回「アフリカ地域研究パラダイム再編セミナー」を京都大学稲盛財団記念館318号室で2月19日(月)に開催いたしました.今回はエディンバラ大学のZoe Marks講師を迎え、ゲリラ戦の暴力性と政治性について講演していただきました.たくさんのご参加をいただき、ありがとうございました.


第10回 アフリカ地域研究パラダイム再編セミナー
高田 明(京都大学アジア・アフリカ地域研究研究科)
Violence and Governance in Guerrilla War
Zoe Marks(University of Edinburgh)

Guerrilla war requires careful coordination between rebels and the local population. Yet, many groups fighting for liberation and ‘power to the people’ also attack and oppress the people. This paper examines why insurgents use violence against those whose support they seek. I begin by explaining how violence and governance are intimately connected in civil war, despite being examined in prevailing literature as ontologically distinct categories. Both state and non-state armed groups try to assert control over social, economic, and political resources through militarized governance. As a result, force is embedded in the power struggles and authority contestations that characterize daily life in a war zone. The targeting patterns and spatial diffusion of violence cannot be understood through lenses of opportunism or information asymmetry alone. Rather, the logic of power and policing within insurgent organizations motivates the use and forms of force outside it. Using a few hundred interviews with ex-combatants and civilians, and a large set of rebel governance archives from the Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone, I demonstrate that patterns of violence against civilians reflect discourses of control, discipline, and obedience in pursuit of organizational power, not simply principal-agent decay. The nexus of formal laws and informal order make violent governance a much more pervasive strategy than has been previously been acknowledged in literature on guerrilla warfare.

・ Kyoto University African Study Seminar (KUASS)
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