9th Seminar of Reconstructing the Paradigm of African Area Studies



8th December 2017 (Friday) 15:00-17:00

(Reception will open on 14:30)



#318, Inamori Memorial Foundation Building (third floor),

Kyoto University



15:00-15:10 Introduction

Akira Takada (Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS), Kyoto University)



‘The Comparative Political Economy of Industrialization in Tanzania and Vietnam’.

Hazel Gray(University of Edinburgh)

Abstract: Over the last thirty years, industrialization has surged forward in a range of countries where market and state institutions have differed from the ideal of the ‘developmental state’, as well as from each other. In this talk I will present a comparative political economy of industrialization in Tanzania and Vietnam, examining the legacies of their different socialist experiences for their experiences of economic change under liberalization. Vietnam experienced rapid manufacturing growth and poverty reduction while Tanzania’s path of economic change was characterized by the rise of mining and a much slower pace of poverty reduction. Employing a political settlements approach, I will explain how recent developments within institutional theory can help to illuminate the role of the state in their experiences.


16:30-17:00 General discussion



* The talk is given in English, and no translation will be provided.

* No reservation is required for participating in the Seminar.

* Admission-free.